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  • Mitch William

Overseas Prejudice

The Foreign Aid Budget is set to rocket to £14.5 Billion in 2021. The UK spends 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid, which is the UN recommendation. However, only 5 Nations world wide meet this target.

36% of UK funding is spent through multilateral structures and the further 64% is spent on a bilateral basis.

The top 5 uses of Bilateral aid are:

  • Humanitarian

  • Multi-sector

  • Government and civil society

  • Health

  • Education

The top 10 beneficiaries of bilateral aid were:

  1. Pakistan - £463m

  2. Syria - £352m

  3. Ethiopia - £334m

  4. Nigeria - £320m

  5. Afghanistan - £235m

  6. Tanzania - £186m

  7. Jordan - £175m

  8. South Sudan - £161m

  9. Sierra Leone - £154m

  10. Somalia - £152m

I put 5 of the top 10 in the spotlight for abuses against the LGBT Community:

  • The Ethiopian LGBT community can expect a 15 year jail sentence for being open about their sexuality.

  • Nigeria carries a sentence of 14 years for the LGBT community.

  • The Tanzanians are a funny bunch. Being lesbian is ok! But, if your a gay man you can expect 30 years to life imprisonment!

  • Local laws in South Sudan condemn the LGBT community to death. However, the national law is clear, only 10 years in jail!

  • The Somali LGBT community face the death penalty!

The above 5, are persecuting minorities. Which, I believe is in direct conflict with British Values. Therefore, commonsense dictates, that we pull the funding and redirect it to UK services?

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