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Oh, Tommy Tommy #PanoDrama

The BBC, the chief belligerent hatchet job. Now, finding itself, on the receiving end, of its own hypocritical tactics! February the 23rd, the premiere of Tommy Robinsons #PanoDrama could be an earth shattering day!

The Power of Social Media will ensure the Nation Listens!

Sweeney, & his £200 lunches, paid by expenses, should've resigned already!

Working class people, comparable to amazonian cannibals? The working class enable, people like Sweeney, of the BBC to live lavish lifestyles & enjoy outlandish salaries!

The 23rd of February, will cause public outrage & could be the beginning of an active movement against the BBC License Theft!




We, the working class, shouldn't be held in contempt, by people, that as a collective, we make wealthy!

We shouldn't be lied too, treated as fools and then labelled, because we have a difference of opinion!

Whatever your views are of Tommy Robinson?

You must admit, he's pulled off a stroke of genius, actually confirming, what we were all thinking!


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