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  • Mitch William

No UK-USA Trade Deal for "Years"

The current US administration has continually pressured the UK Government on a policy area they simply do not understand. The Northern Ireland Protocol.

They've hinted time and time again that the protocol must remain in place, or there will be no chance of a UK-USA trade deal.

Well, Liz Truss has arrived in New York on her first overseas trip as PM. She said upon arrival:

there was no prospect of talks on a free trade agreement with Washington in the “short or medium term”.

What Liz Truss has effectively done, is take away the Biden Governments leverage. In effect, it looks like she might stand up to the US President. They have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday 21 September 2022). I look forward to the outcome.

The British PM has reiterated that her main focus is free trade deals with India and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTTP). The interesting thing about the latter, is that Canada, Australia and New Zealand are all members of the CPTTP.

I am an avid advocate of CANZUK International. If the UK joins a club with such like minded friends. It will be inevitable that those like minded friends deepen their bonds from within the club. Thus, becoming stronger globally and within the club itself.

The above is purely speculative. However, there is a natural alliance there, and I 100% support a sort of Confederal States of CANZUK.

The world is changing rapidly. The USA is being challenged, China has risen, a resurgent Russia, and an Indian powerhouse is on its way.

The Germans will soon be the third largest defence spender in the world and will emerge as the de facto military leader as well as the economic leader of Europe. The prospect of the European Union becoming a military superpower just got closer.

The question is, where will the UK be in the middle of all these superpowers?


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