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  • Mitch William

No End In Sight!

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

My speculative assumption is, the Speaker of The House, ensured Prime Minister Mayhem's deal would not get a third crack at the whip, for fear of it actually passing!

Thus, leading us to the current situation.

That situation being, an extension until May, only if the deal passes, if it does not pass, the UK is out on the 12th of April!

Yeah, I'll crack the jokes!

That will give Parliament enough time to arrange another vote, on a longer extension and in that time, they will also vote on, whether to hold another Referendum or not. Which is fairly plausible, given the manufactured circumstances.

There are people working day and night, trying to betray the democratic decision of the nation. It was a close result! But, there was a clear outcome.

Some people are attempting to use democracy against democracy and are wilfully making up the rules as they go along. A bit like children, they won't stop, until they get what they want or until someone discipline's them!

Politicians are there to serve their constituents. They're not in power to manipulate the will of the people or shape Britain in their own image.

There's no end in sight for the BREXIT extravaganza!

Be prepared for a self inflicted false crisis that will be the pretext for a new referendum...

Remember, out of 650 members of parliament, 480 voted remain, it would seem that they think, their vote counts more than yours!


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