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  • Mitch William

No Deal, Must Be An Option

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Parliament are fighting democracy and are trying to hand Britain to the EU on a plate.

Taking NO DEAL off the table and enshrining it in LAW is nothing more than a SUBMISSION to the EU, a SURRENDER!

17.4 million people did not vote for a DEAL, a DEAL was never an option. Parliament, are making this up as they go along, with the overall aim of BLOCKING BREXIT!

The EU's negotiators will be rubbing their hands together with delight.

Parliament want the EU to decide the length of any future extension unilaterally, with NO DEAL off the table, that could literally be years, probably resulting in a 2nd referendum, because Parliament, didn't like the outcome of the first result.

If this was happening abroad, NATO would be gearing up for airstrikes, the hypocrisy is outstanding, yet we allow it to happen!

Love or Hate Boris Johnson?

At least he understands, you can't negotiate, if the opposing side, understands that you won't or even worse, can't walk away!

Parliament are trying to overturn democracy by delivering a smoke screen shouting that they are defending it.

Members of Parliament, should be arrested for manufacturing chaos and attempting to subvert the democratic will of the people.

The Mother of all Parliaments has gone ROGUE, send in the TROOPS!

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