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No Deal Is Better Than A Bad Deal?

We must call a halt to this internationally recognised embarrassment!

Parliament votes to reject No Deal on the 29th of March and the foreseeable future.

The non-binding vote cannot be enforced under law unless their is an actual change to the law. However, the next big vote is on the extension of article 50.

The ball is back in the EU's court and they'd prefer a medium to long term extension with the prospect of a general election or a 2nd referendum within the agreed time frame.

Parliament are voting their way to a 2nd referendum, the brexiteers are outnumbered in Westminster, its just a matter of time.

If we have a 2nd referendum, The Question Should Be, REMAIN or NO DEAL.

That should settle the case for a generation!

However, I do not believe parliament have the guts for such an action!

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