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  • Mitch William

No Deal In Sight

Parliament, voted Coopers amendment down, killing the extension of Article 50, providing there was no agreement reached by February the 26th.

Its confusing, trying to keep up with the votes, the results don't add up! Its all here, there and every where!

No Deal is still on the table and its better than the current offer!

May stated, her intention is to re-open negotiations, the EU then stated, the deal is the best they can do and there will be no further negotiation, with a subtle hint that a permanent customs union could be the solution!

Thus meaning, a No Deal BREXIT is looking likely and the prospect of a peoples vote is dwindling.

They are preparing for no deal riots, I'd like to see the outcome of a permanent customs union! #MoreRiots

However, here's the question, Is May a secret Brexiteer?

Where was she in the remain campaign? perhaps, she wants a no deal?

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