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  • Mitch William

No Deal Blocked By LAW

Parliament, is guilty of treason and has brought democracy into disrepute. No one voted for a deal, it was plain and simple, Remain or Leave. We were continually told, what it would involve and were happy to vote LEAVE!

What gives Parliament the right, to create a new law, which goes against the will of the people?

This new law can only take certain paths, a mechanism to force a 2nd referendum or become a colony of the EU.

Either way, they are playing with fire!

We need a General Election ASAP, Tory, Brexit Party, DUP Coalition, is the only way to reverse this law and give us a fighting chance at a good deal and a bright future or just simply walking.

Parliament, is trying to surrender the UK to Europe, its high time they started to take notice of the people, they are only there because the people allow them to be there. Perhaps, they need reminding of that!

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