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No Deal Better Than A Bad Deal?

There has been talk of food shortages and catastrophic economical consequences due to BREXIT! What to believe and what not to believe?

The Army are on stand-by to deliver rations to a hungry nation?

Liam Fox the International Trade Secretary has stated there's a 60/40 chance of getting a deal! But, if its a bad deal, do we want it?

The UK cannot allow itself to become a colony of the EU!

The electorate voted to be free of all EU institutions. Therefore, the UK can't pull all British representation and still follow the rules? That would be mad and more or less what Treason May has proposed. However, the EU rebuffed her sell out proposal and insist we must sell out much more.

What's the point in this negotiation?

The leader of the World Trade Organisation stated, if the UK crash out with No Deal the disruption would be minimal. However, remainiacs will have you believe the world is flat and the UK is about to fall off!

September through to November will be the most interesting time. I predict a 2nd vote with a new question. New Deal or Remain?

The way things are going the Remain option, actually looks more sensible than Treason May's proposed Chequers sell out deal!

The UK has the world at its feet, a fresh chapter in history is upon us and it's being squandered by the Conservatives! No Deal or Remain?

Mitch William...

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