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  • Mitch William

No Deal, Bad Deal, Remain?

The BREXIT noise has eased throughout the season of good will! I hope everybody had a very Merry Christmas! But, BREXIT hasn't gone away, its just snoozing!

The debate resumes on January 7th, with a new vote scheduled for the following week! Typical over paid public servants, they should be working over Christmas for Queen and Country.

May's Deal could render us a satellite nation of the EU. A Colony eternally shackled to the blue flag with a ring of stars.

When I voted, I thought the article 50 process would be the negotiation of a Free Trade Agreement Post BREXIT. Not a pantomime of hypocrisy and betrayal!

No Deal is BREXIT!

May's Deal is worse than REMAIN for LEAVERS!

And a 2nd vote is looking likely!

Is BREXIT an opportunity that must be seized at any cost? Could the UK really become a Free Trading Powerhouse in its own right? Why are the media not peddling the postive stories filtering out from our Allies?

Questions, Questions...

Either way, the UK is in for a Fiery New Year!

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