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  • Mitch William

No Deal?

The UK and EU have said they still remain some way off reaching a post-Brexit trade agreement, following the latest negotiations in London.

Michel Barnier thinks a deal is "unlikely" ... The UK's chief negotiator, David Frost stated "considerable gaps" remained. However, a deal was still possible.

We have until September to get a deal in place, in order to allow time for ratification and enforcement of the new relationship.

The British Government, appear to be standing firm in regard to fishing rights, and so they should. We have left the EU, it's time to look after British industries and revive the economy on our own terms.

Having the power to decide how many foreign boats fish UK seas will be advantageous to the British fishing industry, and so it should be, there Britain's waters after all.

If EU fishing boats wish to plunder our seas, they should have to apply for a permit and follow UK rules.

That all seems fair enough?

The EU, as well as wanting reciprocal fishing rights, want the UK to sign up to open and fair competition, the level playing field, meaning they want the UK to sign up to there rules and regulations, which won't be happening, or BREXIT was pointless, the UK would become a satellite nation.

It's fair to say, that we're heading for NO DEAL, the EU must appear strong in the face of a potentially existential crisis. One of it's members has left the project for the first time, if the EU portrays itself as weak, the whole Union could crumble.

If we survived Covid-19, we can survive NO DEAL!

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