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  • Mitch William

No Deal

Boris Johnson, has 30 days, to come up with an alternative plan, to the withdrawal agreement. Which is a pointless exercise. Because the EU will probably reject it and Parliament will probably reject everything that isn't remaining.

So, where do we go?

No Deal, has to be the option. If we opt for a deal that keeps the UK under the guise of EU institutions, the referendum would have been pointless and detrimental.

We're either in the EU or out the EU. Hence, no need for a deal!

The UK should focus on Free Trade with the USA, whilst building a Geopolitical Alliance with old friends in the Commonwealth. Once that's completed, we can go to the EU, and if they want a Free Trade Deal with us, GREAT!

If not, who cares?

Long term, the UK will become a Free Trading Powerhouse and the EU, will still be pondering itself.

The vision is there, the reality has to come!

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