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No 2nd Referendum!

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Prime Minister Mayhem is in Brussels begging for an extension to June 30th!

The EU 27 are still discussing the prospect, over a working dinner. I wonder if there's wine at the dinner, important decisions being made by over paid tipsy politicians! #Interesting

The EU 27 are signalling June 30th is to long of an extension. They want the UK out before the EU elections on May 23rd. So an extension until April 12th is on the cards. An unconditional extension, as the EU are well aware Mayhem doesn't have the numbers for her deal to pass.

This would mean the future of BREXIT is 100% in the hands of Parliament!

They may push for a softly soft BREXIT or a 2nd Referendum, extending article 50 again in a last ditch attempt to keep us in!

Any new Referendum should be taken off the table...

But, if one did take place, the question should be Remain or No Deal, to settle the debate!

I've been waiting for a 2nd Referendum since the initial vote. I never expected the process to become this embarrassing for the UK or for a 2nd vote to take this long to come around.

Perhaps the illusion of impending disaster is what Parliament need before imposing their betrayal of democracy? However, they're forgetting a couple of things, the people aren't stupid and we're becoming exasperated!

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