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  • Mitch William

NHS: The Frontline

I have a friend, who's a Doctor, she's pregnant and working around the clock in the fight against COVID-19. NHS staff are the frontline in this battle of the unknown.

We ought to spare a thought for their efforts and even better, if you know any NHS staff, offer to help them with shopping, childcare, cats and dogs, etc etc!!!

Boris Johnson says, It may take "12 weeks to turn the tide"

The UK has not faced such disruption since the 2nd World War. Will it end in anarchy or complete solidarity? The nations people have never faced such impending hardship.

Perhaps, a little war time spirit will be good for the country as a whole?

The cotton wool wrapped society of the UK is about to be ripped away and life as we know it will be postponed until further notice.

The Armed Forces are on standby and ready to intervene, supermarkets are being cleaned out... Bars, restaurants and cafes have all been ordered to close. The next 2 weeks, is going to be a very delicate journey!

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