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  • Mitch William

New Deal or Remain 2018

The UK is set for a transition period where it must accept the EU status quo with no representation, no vote and no voice.

The transition period is aimed at avoiding the cliff edge scenario, perhaps a necessary evil to ensure an orderly BREXIT?

A recent opinion poll suggested that up to 50% of British people want a 2nd BREXIT Referendum.

But, can opinion polling be relied upon due to the results of late?

There is talk from all sides advocating a vote on the new deal...But, what would the question be?

New Deal or Remain?

This scenario is highly likely…If there were to be a referendum on the New Deal… The other option won’t be No Deal.

It must be New Deal or Remain?

The BREXIT campaign is not over, 2018 will shed light on the betrayal of the British people or perhaps the saving grace of the British people... Depending on which side you sit with?

Westminster, by default has a majority of remainers, as does Holyrood.

If I were a betting man…

I would put money on a 2018 vote, New Deal or Remain.

Mitch William...


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