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  • Mitch William

NATO: The Future

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The silent, almost unnoticed guarantor of European and North American territorial integrity. Set up in the ashes of world war 2, with the vision of "Keeping the Russians down, the Germans out and the Americans in".

NATO is governed by the North Atlantic Council, where permanent ambassadors representing national Governments sit in committee at least once per week. Foreign and Defence ministers sit a few times a year and Heads of Government attend the annual NATO Summit.

NATO has 29 member states and it is the North Atlantic Council, that advises each member states Foreign and Defence Policy. The organization is voluntary and based on foreign affairs and defence only.

As a new world emerges, a new NATO must emerge too. The NATO of the future should be more streamlined, unified and also trade orientated.

In the wake of BREXIT, the UK will be pondering the world. One movement, which is gaining traction is Canzuk International. In Winston Churchill's eyes, CANZUK was the third pillar of western society, among the USA and the European Community.

What has this got to do with NATO?

If the Canzuk Alliance is realised, by default, Australia and New Zealand would essentially come in to NATO, joining and replacing the UK and Canadian memberships.

The European Union (if it survives), could also take a seat at the North Atlantic Council through the endeavour of Permanent Structured Cooperation and the Common Security and Defence Policy

NATO, would then have only 3 members (discount Turkey, as they should be banished). A more balanced Atlantic Council and a streamlined decision making process. The prospect of a Russian entry, should never be discounted and an open door should be available for gradual integration.

If this ever came to fruition, the next step, should be free trade between the 3 member organisations. Thus, creating an empire of empires and bringing the 3 pillars of western society together.

This idea may sound like a tad to much?

However, it could be the only way for the West to remain at the top of the global pecking order indefinitely!!!

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