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NATO - Russo Pact

Updated: Mar 11, 2018

The USA bans Kaspersky, the FBI investigate claims that Russian hackers meddled in the US elections, the USA imposes sanctions on Russia…

Can’t we all be friends?

What is so bad about the Russian Federation? it appears to be a fiercely fascinating nation…

NATO has a problem regarding Russia as the West continues to demonise her...

The Berlin Wall fell early 90’s and we still think of the Russians as an enemy?

Maybe they're not our friends at this moment in time but, can you blame them?

We can’t keep pushing the bear away - the West works with the Russians in space but not in Syria or Ukraine...

The West should look toward building a bridge to Russia, laying the framework for the eventual cooperation and a path toward a pact with NATO.

Perhaps full membership of NATO is a bridge too far, but alignment would be a step in the right direction.

Russia was allied with the UK and USA in the World Wars, yet there always seems to be the power struggle in peace time which has created an eternal tension.

NATO should lead the charge initiating a NATO – Russo pact, a conference aimed at warming relations and ending years of bitter spats, a modern day “entente cordial” envisaging cooperation and enhanced relations.

This would be the biggest gesture of peace in modern times and would make the world a safer place overnight.

No more posturing!

Talks, understanding, progression... A piece by piece step to alliance?

Mitch William...


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