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  • Mitch William

NATO for Trade?

China has emerged as a new superpower. And at the same time, it's emerged as the West's most formidable adversary. The new cold war, is already well under way.

Australia demanded an investigation into the origins of the pandemic and China responded with a trade war, slapping up to 200% tariffs on Australian goods.

There are now calls for a NATO for Trade. Not calls for a trade policy as such or a trade agreement between NATO. That would take years, it could happen in the future, but it's not a quick fix.

To my understanding, NATO for Trade would mean amending the Atlantic Charter and adding a new article. For instance, Article 4 states 'an attack on one is considered an attack on all'.

So, hypothetically if a new trade article was introduced and China decided to slap 200% tariffs on say, Italy for instance, then NATO could respond with 200% tariffs on Chinese goods.

The NATO population is approx 944 million with a collective GDP of approx. 41 trillion USD, that's roughly half the worlds wealth. NATO as a collective is far more powerful than China and the Chinese are not happy about this.

The only way that the West can survive the rise of China and continue to lead the world is through NATO. I believe that NATO is already adapting and over the next 10 years we'll be hearing the word NATO a lot louder on the world stage.

It's probably going to be a bumpy ride.

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