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  • Mitch William

National Security Threat?

Is #UKBLM a threat to National Stability or the beginning of a Revolutionary Political Force?

#UKBLM have raised over a million £££ on their GoFundMe page. That's a worrying prospect, depending on how they choose to spend it?

(ScreenShot. UKBLM GoFundMePage)

Will they seek to exploit the democratic process and register a political party or will they seek to cause mass disruption with the aim of pressuring the Government into submission?

They seem to think everything is racist. I get the impression, that when anything negative happens to a black person, they consider it racist, which isn't the case!

This is how they plan to spend their new found wealth:

(ScreenShot. UKBLM GoFundMePage)

And this is some of their objectives:

(ScreenShot. UKBLM GoFundMePage)

Do you get the impression, that they're stuck in the past and that they seek to swap perceived white supremacy for black supremacy?

Their desire to dismantle capitalism, the police and state structures is a worry, what do we replace them with, and how does one achieve such goals?

With the amount of money they've raised, I don't think they'll be fizzling out anytime soon. BLM are here to stay and we all need to get used to that fact.

A product of multiculturalism, that seeks to destroy a society, which try's its level best to be inclusive and tolerant... However, nothing or no one is perfect!

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