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  • Mitch William

Multiculturalism is failing!

Wahhabi teachings derived from Saudi Arabia should be banned in the United Kingdom. These teachings incite hatred and radicalize the naive youth. Wahhabi values are simply not compatible in the free world!

British values and culture should be taught and championed in schools as part of the national curriculum. Possibly incorporated into Modern Studies or History.

This way, whatever religion you choose. You fully understand what is expected of you as a British Citizen and you have a reasonable understanding of how the UK evolved over the centuries up to the modern day.

Multiculturalism is a false ideal. Segregation is trumping Integration. Action must be taken to consider the mess the UK is digging itself into.

Faith schools should be banned! They only assist segregation and conjure an "us and them" mentality. This is harmful to community cohesion and will have lasting effects that are almost impossible to rectify.

Places of worship exist, surely this negates the need for a school of faith. Whether it be Catholic, Muslim, Jewish or any other religion.

People should be free to follow whatever religion they want. But, forcing it on kids at a young age and wiring their brain's into it, is bluntly... Brainwashing.

Mitch William...


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