• Mitch William

MP's Deserve Protection

Rest in Peace Sir David Amess MP...

Tragic news today, an abhorrent action that can only be treated as an attack on democracy.

Politicians put themselves out there for all too see and hear. This unfortunately also includes all the crazies of the day who are incapable of rational thought.

MP's should never need to fear attack, even if we find their views contrary and incompatible with our own. In our democracy we can debate them, challenge them and vote against them. They do not unleash violence upon the public therefor todays event, was unjustified and inexcusable.

Is it time for each and every MP to be assigned a driver/security detail?

If I was an MP, I would want at least one bodyguard, armed with a pistol in case of attack. I believe this would act as a deterrent more than anything. Two MP's in 5 years have met their end at the hands of an armed attacker, that's two to many in my view.

We expect these people (MP's) to be in the public eye and attend public engagements all in our name. The least we can do is back their protection from the few crazies that wish them harm.

Perhaps every Police Force should have a diplomatic protection wing.

Rest in Peace Sir David Amess MP...


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