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  • Mitch William

MOZAMBIQUE: At the Mercy of Islamic Terror

MOZAMBIQUE: A Commonwealth of Nations member state and ally, finds itself at the mercy of Islamic Terror. Yet, the world is silent. The former Portuguese colony joined the Commonwealth in 1995. It is the only nation to join that was never apart of the British Empire.

These are troubled times. But, is it ok for the United kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations to stand by as a member state and ally burns?

Where is NATO, where is the EU...

The United Kingdom, could and should raise a Commonwealth Coalition with the sole aim and purpose of saving a friend from the wrath of terrorism. Mozambique needs HELP!

RT UK have reported:

Islamists have beheaded more than 50 people in Mozambique – turning a football pitch into an execution ground.
A militant group linked to Islamic State (ISIS, formerly IS) set fire to several villages and gathered together people they had captured on a football pitch, where the victims were then decapitated and their bodies chopped to pieces. Meanwhile, women from the villages were abducted as the attackers chanted ‘Allahu Akbar’ (‘God is Great’), local media has reported.

Mozambique has strong ties with both the UK and Portugal. Yet, we are but spectators in her demise as Islamic terror rips through the nation.

In an age where bilateral and multilateral operations are common place. I think it's time for the UK to step up and form a Commonwealth Task Force in order to prevent further carnage ripping through the nation.

Intervention is justified, winnable and most importantly, necessary. The Commonwealth of Nations is a huge block. It's time, we started to look after each other from within!

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