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  • Mitch William


Mozambique joined the Commonwealth of Nations in 1995, it's the only country in the Commonwealth to have never been constitutionally associated with the United Kingdom.

Now, Mozambique finds itself under siege. The Islamic State has taken it's largest port after a week of intense fighting. The port is 50 miles away from Africa's largest gas drilling development, in which the UK has backed with a £1 Billion loan.

Everyone, probably thought that the Islamic State, had been defeated? Well, they're still active and dangerous in Africa.

Should Commonwealth members, be bound to support one another in times of crisis?

This could be an opportunity for the Empire to Strike Back, the UK could lead a Commonwealth Force and free Mozambique of Islamic State terror.

This could be the beginning of a resurgent Global Britain, I would argue, that in whatever capacity, we must act, if we don't, then the Commonwealth is hollow and won't last much longer!

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