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  • Mitch William

Monitor The Mosques

Up to 5 men from Didsbury Mosque, Manchester. Have been involved in terrorism, either plotting at home or fighting abroad!

Today, BBC news revealed "Jihadi Sermons" have been taking place within that Mosque!

Abedi, the Manchester arena bomber, worshiped at the Didsbury Mosque. Apparently, he bought his concert ticket just 10 days after the alleged controversial Jihadi Sermon!


The Wahhabi Jihad is creeping in slowly but surely!

How can we combat this?

Ban the Mosques?

All Mosques should be monitored and their teachings regulated in order to eliminate extremist teachings and radicalization across the UK!

Failure to follow regulatory guidelines should result in the closure of the offending Mosque and the imprisonment or deportation of the Imams!

Wahhabi teachings spread evil!

A total ban of Wahhabi teachings must be enforced under law. Saudi sponsored Mosques should be banned! Thus, forcing said Mosques to seek out more ethical sources of funding.

We must champion fair play. But, get tough on Anglo-phobia!

Before it's to late!

Mitch William...

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