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  • Mitch William

MONARCHY: Why is it important?

The Queen acts as ambassador of the United Kingdom to the world. The monarchy are politically neutral and as a consequence, they are separate from Government. So, when the Government takes an unpopular approach, publicly the Monarchy is silent.

This gives the Royal family sway in international relations and the ability to build bridges.

Also, the Queen is the head of the Commonwealth, and head of state of 16 nations world wide. This empowers UK soft power and the monarchy is the glue that holds this post empire network of free nations together.

The politically neutral monarch actually plays a pivotal role in the UK's global standing and diplomacy. If the Royal Family is to survive, the realms and Commonwealth must survive, in order to secure this future, I think we should post Royals to live in the Realms and overseas territories and give them ceremonial roles. Such a move would only tighten the already great ties we have across the seas...

Or is it time to give it all up?

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