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  • Mitch William

Migrant Invasion

The Migrant Crisis is indeed an invasion. The UK has suffered a series of small terror attacks over recent years. London, Manchester, Glasgow and now Liverpool. It's time that the Government stopped pandering to the fluffy left and got real with this situation.

The migrant crisis should be treated as an invasion. The invaders should not be housed in nice hotels up and down the country. They should be taken to detention centres and treated as enemy combatants until proven otherwise.

Any suspicion at all should result in immediate deportation. Our democracy is seen as weak and the terrorists are exploiting that fact. I'm not saying every migrant invader wishes us harm. However, they must all be received with the same suspicion in order to prevent further attacks on innocent unaware people.

There are over 40k terror suspects in the UK. That's a small Army. And everyday we have people trying to sneak in. What if individuals were able to get their hands on assault weapons and then engage in a marauding terror assault up and down UK streets?

The UK needs a Guantanamo Bay. We have plenty of uninhabited islands. The Government must act before it's too late.

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