• Mitch William

Migrant Crisis... Trump Style!

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

The European Migrant Crisis was handled by weak, lefty, wannabe do gooders! Angela Merkel of Germany invited 1 million African & Middle Eastern migrants into Europe.

Merkel is Europe's worst leader since Hitler. Maybe, she secretly desire's the destruction of the west by infiltration? After all she was born on the East side of the Berlin Wall!

Now the USA is facing its very own Migrant Crisis!

But, Donald Trump is having none of it and has been heavily criticised in the media for doing his job and securing the American border!

Is it not the job of Government to protect the borders? Ensure territorial integrity and maintain order?

Apparently, we should just let everybody in and give them everything for free. That logic doesn't add up and will lead to catastrophe!

Trump has deployed troops to the border and stated force will be used if necessary!

Would you like a Donald Trump for Prime Minister?

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