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Can the UK survive BREXIT?

How long can the United Kingdom survive?

The SNP hold all the cards at Holyrood. The Unionist Parties are too arrogant to work as one and form a Coalition for the upcoming Holyrood elections. This leaves a significant possibility that the SNP will gain a majority, thus having the power to create more division and campaign hard for IndyRef2.

It's difficult for one to imagine, a way to avoid IndyRef2, if the nationalist's win that majority.

On the other hand, there's Northern Ireland. The UK - EU Treaty has more or less cut them off from the UK and forced them to align with the Republic and the EU whilst remaining a constituent state of the United Kingdom.

How long will it be before a Border Poll is held?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a strong force in the world when it's united and working coherently. At this point in time, the state of the Union looks very fragile.

BREXIT should have offered new hope and killed off the nationalist argument. Instead, BREXIT has emboldened the faux Republican and Nationalist rhetoric, and it is now being used as the main campaign tool.

I hope I'm wrong. But, the next 10 years is looking bumpy. If we witness 2 constituent states leaving the United Kingdom, we could be heading for a Yugoslavia style meltdown!

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