• Mitch William

May's BREXIT Betrayal?

Treason May, the REMAIN Prime Minister.

What is she up to?

Is the May Bot intentionally leading the UK to a 2nd Referendum? Is she secretly laying the groundwork to keep us in? What's been said behind closed doors?

The UK and the EU should be negotiating a bilateral free deal, out in to the world we go!

Parliament does not like her plan, the EU doesn't like her plan. Do you like her plan? Have we just suffered the most expensive, divisive pantomime in the history of man?

A good leader will listen, a bad leader fall's on one's sword, how much longer can she last?

We're heading for a No Deal BREXIT & possible "Peoples Vote" due to Government incompetence. If the Cabinet worked for Tesco, they would all be sacked!

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