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Man, 78! Stabs Robber to Death!

Two cowards broke into a 78 year old man's house in London, attacked him with a screw driver but, apparently came worse off!

One man fled the scene, the other collapsed after being stabbed

The stab wound proved fatal, the man died on the street

"Friendly and caring" Richard Osborn-Brooks was arrested Under Suspicion of Murder!

If an innocent man can't use force against intruders breaking in to his home, what hope do we have as a society?

Are victims of crime supposed to lay down and take a beating in the hope justice prevails?

The situation Richard Osborn-Brooks found himself in must have been harrowing and he only had moments to react...fight or flight?

In this instance fight and fight was more than justified!

The right to self defence should be protected by law, allowing any means necessary whilst protecting yourself and your family against intruders violating your home!

Even if that means DEATH to the assailants

Richard Osborn-Brooks is the real victim

He should endure nothing more than a de-brief, before being placed in a hotel for the duration of the investigation until it is safe for him to return home.


#DropAllCharges #RightToSelfDefence

(Mr Brooks has been released on bail pending investigation, fingers crossed)

Mitch William...


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