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  • Mitch William

Make This Election Count

17.4 Million people voted to LEAVE the European Union in 2016. However, the UK is still a member of the European Union with extension after extension, delay after delay!

Parliament, seem to have forgotten that we had a referendum. They clearly think that the outcome can be reversed with enough sabotage and propaganda. It has become apparent, that they see themselves, as being above the people.

They have used democracy against democracy, hoping that we'll fall into line.

Now, we have an election on the horizon. An opportunity, a chance to actually make a difference. The days of tribal voting could be at an end. Brexit has exposed the sinister workings of our democratically elected leaders.

People can now see and feel the disdain they hold for the electorate. A certain arrogant superiority complex has been revealed.

Only the people, by voting, can change the faces of Parliament.

We can't waste this election. It's no longer only about BREXIT, it's about defending democracy and reminding the Politicians, that they're only in place because, we allow them to take their seats.

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