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  • Mitch William

Lords, Do We Need Them?

The House of Lords voted in favour of the Customs Union last Wednesday, who are they and why do they hold any power over the elected House of Commons?

A 21st Century Government should not be dictated to, by appointed peers. Unelected Lords should be a thing of the past.

British democracy should not be hampered by an upper house of toffs and aristocrats. Put wee Jimmy in the Lords, 25 years as a Council Joiner. Give it real representation or abolish it!

The Government are now being forced to make a statement in Parliament, which may lead to a renewed call for a fresh vote on the Customs Union.

Its a scary prospect that the unelected upper house can command such a presence throughout such a pivotal time in UK history!

If the UK remains in the Customs Union, the UK will be unable to forge trade deals independently. The UK would almost become a colony of the EU.

Which ever way you voted, its exciting times and the future prospects are endless!

The next big shift in British politics must be constitutional reform and the abolition of unelected peers, who may think they know better than the common folk, but in reality they've not got a clue how the shop floor actually works!

The House of Lords could and should be confined to History!

Mitch William...


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