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  • Mitch William

LOCKDOWN: Coming To A City Near You!

I blame the Government for this CRISIS!

Flights from Wuhan China should have been stopped back in December 2019. After that, each nation that had confirmed cases should've been added to a NO FLY list, banning all flights to and from, all affected areas with immediate effect!

We're an island nation, swift but harsh action, is the only way this could have been avoided.

The prospect of a lockdown, isn't a matter of IF it's a matter of WHEN!

The reason we're not on lockdown at this moment in time, is because the Government fear civil disorder, people must be gently persuaded via a gradual progression.

The Armed Forces are on Standby, in 3 weeks time, this will be all over, or we'll be in a situation with troops patrolling the streets.

The Police aren't capable of enforcing any form of lockdown. This crisis, will show them how delicate they actually are. They'll learn, the meaning of POLICING BY CONSENT!

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