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  • Mitch William

Let Begum Rot?

Shamima Begum was only 15 years old when she absconded to Syria and married a jihadi swearing allegiance to the Islamic State.

Since then, the caliphate has fallen, her Husband has been captured, she lost her three babies and her British citizenship is revoked. Quite a harrowing experience for a woman now aged only 21.

In my eyes, she is a traitor. Usually, I would call for the death penalty or I'd be more than happy with her rotting in the desert. I've written pieces expressing those very views.

Now, when you look at the grand scale of things. She was only 15, if she had been groomed by a predator 20 miles down the road, she would be a victim and the groomer would be jailed.

I believe the UK Gov want to make an example of her, and that's understandable from a security perspective.

I'm not suggesting mercy by any means. I say get her back, and give her at least 10 years in jail, with a life time supervision order.

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