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  • Mitch William

Lead us to NO DEAL!

There won't be a third vote on Prime Minister Mayhem's deal!

The deal proposed was terrible, its the product of a remain Prime Minister trying to please both sides of the argument!

Well, the argument was settled in 2016!

She produced a terrible arrangement! However, if it were a good arrangement, the remainiac parliament, probably still would have voted it down, in order to push the agenda of staying!

Parliament, will now endeavour to vote itself to an unacceptable 2nd referendum. The country needs leadership and it was needed 2 years ago!

Prime Minister Mayhem, should man up and lead us to NO DEAL! Spiting parliament and following the clear instruction of the referendum!

Prime Minister May, here's what to do... Lead us to NO DEAL, RESIGN and Emigrate. You'll be hated by the minority and forever the hero of the majority!

If BREXIT is to happen, perhaps its the only option!

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