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  • Mitch William

Laughable Labour

The Labour Party Conference, should we be fearing the left or laughing at them? I think caution must be employed upon approach!

They want to have a 2nd referendum on the European Union. But, won't commit to a side. One barrister thinks eating meat should be criminalised and they all think we should have a 4 day week.


Moving on...

The most worrying thing I've seen from the party of the people, is the fact they're trying to push through a policy that would allow non UK citizens, the right to vote in General Elections and future Referendums.

That is nothing short of an outrage. Labour are trying to shift the electoral goal posts!

People should not be allowed, to determine the future of a nation, without fully committing to that nation! 

The left, are really out to destroy this nation, if they think allowing any resident of the UK a vote is a good idea, god help us all!

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