• Mitch William

Kavanaugh who?

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

BBC News at 6, the top story. Judge Kavanaugh, Donald Trump's chosen candidate for the US Supreme Court, who has as now been awarded the role after an attempted character assassination by the left!

However, Kavanaugh is not a British citizen and has never applied for a position within the British legal system. So, why has he dominated the British press for so long, who care's?

Why doe's he matter to us?

The US domestic legal system doesn't affect people living in the UK. It's the Crown Prosecution Service that affect's people of Great Britain!

We have far greater issues that deserve research and attention from the UK media!

BREXIT would be a good start!

The British media, are not fit for purpose. They spin irrelevant stories and create fake news!

If we want Pantomime, we'll go to the theater!

But, If we want News, we expect it to be transparent, relevant and impartial. People are losing faith in the soap opera press of today. It's time to turn off!

Mitch William...


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