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JUSTICE: For Harry Dunn

I'm not a an expert on Diplomatic Immunity. However, it seem's to me, rather odd, that certain Foreign Nationals, working in the interests of their Governments overseas, are totally immune to the law of the land.

I find it quite disturbing, that even in the event of a death, diplomatic immunity still applies.

Ann Sacoolas, as we all know, hit Harry Dunn, whilst driving on the wrong side of the road, resulting in young Harry's death.

I spent three months in California. I got used to driving out there and when I came home, the first thing I done, was pulled out onto the wrong side of the road. It's easy done. I only made this mistake once.

However, If I had caused an accident, then I would've faced the consequences.

Ann Sacoolas, the wife of a US Intelligence Officer, faced no consequences. What bothers me about this, is the fact, that she's the wife of an Intelligence Officer, not herself an official.

So, the QUESTION is, has there been an abuse of diplomatic status, in order for her to flee the country the way she did?

I think there need's to be a review on diplomatic immunity and the system overhauled.

You can't just get away with taking a life, because your husbands an officer in the US Military, it's not morally sound.

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