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  • Mitch William

ITALY: Locked Down

Up to the 16 million people have been locked down in Italy!

That's a huge chunk of the Italian population. Yet, here in the UK, the Government are still allowing flights in and out from HIGH RISK Countries and Territories.

The health of the nation, is more important than any short term economic detriment. The UK Government, need to wake up and stop being casual hippie clowns.

All flights to and from HIGH RISK AREAS should be cancelled with immediate effect!

All other travel, should be subject to rigorous procedures. People entering the UK, should be screened upon arrival and quarantined, until their test results return negative.

In situations like these, you can't play the nice card. Unpopular decisions must be taken in order to safeguard the realm.

Otherwise, we'll make the situation worse!

However, it looks like we're in for a proper dilemma, due to ignorant indecision from the very beginning.

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