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  • Mitch William

It's Time to Reverse Britain's Military Decline!

I've always been an advocate of good relations with Russia. Taking the view that a Russian ally is more valuable than a Russian enemy.

However, the invasion of Ukraine is disgraceful, unforgivable and dangerous.

NATO could and should have done more. The invasion could have been deterred if NATO had agreed a no-fly zone with Ukraine prior to the invasion and or deployed units to the country, all as a deterrent to the Russian Military Machine.

Now, it's too late and the only way to stop Russia is direct action. Which will not happen and Putin fully understands this. Therefor, Russia maintains the upper hand, leaving the west looking weak.

As it stands, the UK alone would be hopelessly out gunned in a conflict with Russia. We have good kit, but they have much more of it. According to a leading think tank, even NATO would struggle. However, that's not a conclusion I would agree with.

Russian GDP comes in at 1.4 Trillion USD. UK GDP comes in at 2.7 Trillion USD. I am a fan of NATO and more so the 5 Eye's. But, we need to stand on our own 2 feet, if it really came down to it and all hell broke out, we must be able to defend ourselves and take the fight to the enemy.

UK defence spending must increase and should be spent wisely on hard power.

We are down to roughly 80k troops in the Army, we need at least 200k. The Navy should be restored to 2001 levels (at leaste) and the RAF should be given strategic bombers. We need more tanks, we need more armoured infantry, we need more planes, helicopters and ships.

The invasion of Ukraine should be a wake up call. Hopefully the political elites will

see this as a reason to bolster our Armed Forces and spend money wisely, that is key, defence expenditure must be exploited to greater effect.

We need an Armed Forces that can work in conjunction with our allies but at the same time work independently as and when required.

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