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  • Mitch William

It's all over for the Donald!

The Trump era is coming to an embarrassing end, now it's time for Biden and Harris to show the USA and the World what they're made of! I love the Americans. They burn such enthusiasm and passion, a passion that Europeans seem to have lost post world war 2.

However, yesterday was a bit much. The claims of electoral fraud never stood up in court and Donald Trump does not associate himself with failure, which is why the USA found it's self in a near revolution last night.

I like Donald Trump, although his delivery is awful and he is about as refined as a dodgy seagull swooping you for chips. However, his substance and global achievements were at the highest level.

That said, last night was an embarrassment for the USA. I actually feel for them at this moment in time. One thing is for certain, it's now all over for the Donald.

At a time when China is rising and the West was looking wobbly. Maybe a Biden Presidency is not only what the USA needed, but also the wider Western world. Let's see if his first overseas visit is a NATO summit, and if it is, I can't wait to hear his vision.

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