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Islamic Britain

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

There are approximately 85 Sharia courts operating in the United Kingdom today. Sharia law directly conflict's with British Values and isn't the Law of the Land! #WhenInRome

Yet, it's expanding across the British Isles at an alarming rate!

There are more than 150 Muslim Schools across the UK. Female employee's are forbidden in these centers and its thought many are funded by Saudi Arabia!

45% of British Muslims agree that Clerics preaching violence against the west represent MAINSTREAM Islam? 25% of British Muslims sympathize with ISIS and 67% wouldn't report a terror suspect to the Police!

(Source: )

"Sharia patrols and ritual slaughter"

Who asked for Multiculturalism? Because, its not working! Integration is failing and the Government have their head's firmly planted in the sand.

An immigration policy review is needed!

The UK Muslim population is approximately 9.7% (4.1m). There are numerous hate preachers and organisations pitted against British Values hiding among these numbers.

The response to this, is organisations such as the EDL and Britain First!

The UK Muslim population is set to hit 17.2% (13m) by 2050 (according to Pew Research Center). That's an unacceptable figure! The UK Government is failing British Institutions at every corner!

17.2% of the population will inevitably cause socio-cultural tensions! Those numbers will boast more extremists and demand more cultural concessions. #HeadScarfPrimeMinister

17.2% will win political power!

British culture faces an unwanted existential transformation! There's little chance of achieving 100% integration, unless it's 100% Muslim. Multiculturalism is back firing!

I wonder what the EDL of the 2050's will look like?

Mitch William...

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