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  • Mitch William

Is US Leadership Still Credible?

I'm pro the 5 Eyes Alliance, I'm pro NATO and the wider Atlantic alliance. However, is US leadership still credible after the Afghan mess?

NATO is an alliance of 30 nations. It was the alliance that invaded Afghanistan. However, when it came to the withdrawal, it was a unilateral decision made in Washington. It had been reported that Ben Wallace (UK Defence Secretary) tried to form a British led coalition of NATO allies to remain in the country. He was unsuccessful.

The USA will need NATO in future dealings with China and Russia. The Americans, must treat NATO partners with respect, rather than expendable subordinates. And as for the UK Government, our Armed forces have been neglected since well before 2010. The UK defence budget is roughly 2% of GDP. If the British Government are serious about 'Global Britain'... The defence budget needs to be at least doubled.

At the moment our Armed Forces are tailored for coalition operations. We need an Armed Forces that can act alone as and when required.

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