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  • Mitch William

Is Prejudice Race Sided?

Bride & Prejudice... Another of Channels 4's glorious reality shows... or not!

One Asian parent objected to her daughter marrying a certain man for a couple of reasons. One of those reasons is because of his skin colour, "he is white".

The words "he is white" were actually uttered on national TV

It got me thinking

I thought, if that were a white person saying this about another race, they would get hounded by the left and would end up in the tabloids!

But, the lady in question is Brown Skinned and Asian...

Her view that a white man isn't good enough for her daughter is entirely racist. But, that seems to be acceptable which is dangerously outrageous!

Why are we imposing Double Standards?

The other reason is, the man was born a woman, confused? The man is female to male transgender. This also appears to present a 2nd problem for the dear old mother of the Bride.

Trans-phobia and Racism in the same clip?

But nobody noticed and nobody cares because the lady in question is Asian. Where are the left now?

The British could end up sleep walking into cultural oblivion if we maintain double standards and allow ourselves to be continuously walked all over.


Mitch William...


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