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Is Freedom of Speech Race Sided?

Define racism...

Please see the Oxford definition I googled earlier;

"The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races".

So, is it racist to say people of African heritage are awesome runners and that people of European heritage fair better at swimming?

I would disagree with the above definition and argue each race is unique, we are not exactly the same, but no race is out right superior! Together as mankind we compliment each other. Working as a single entity is the only way forward!


Is Free Speech Race Sided On Religion, Culture and Heritage... Are There Double Standards At Play?

Diane Abbott famously said;

"White People Love to Divide and Rule"

Abbott, was never arrested or questioned. However, she did face some harsh questions from journalists in the aftermath. But in my view, she should have the whip removed and be forced to resign pending a court case!

Recently, a Scottish man trained his pug dog to react to NAZI prompts in order to "wind" his girlfriend up. He even gave a brief introductory explanation for his actions.

He was later convicted for Hate Crimes and given an £800 fine... For a bad joke #TheSystemIsAJoke

The Scottish man, Count Dankula is a Comedian... However, Abbott is now the shadow Home Secretary!


Afua Hirsch, recently said on Good Morning Britain;

"Our Insurance Companies, our Banks, our Schools, our Universities, our Libraries, all Historic Institutions in Britain are bound up, in that system of Slavery, Colonialism and Racism"

Ok, we should recognise the flaws of history, but never obsess upon it or allow it to hinder the future. Free Speech allows Hirsch to promote these misleading ramblings of old. This is the 21st century, the world has moved on, perhaps Hirsch should too!

And then Tommy Robinson was arrested for performing a live feed, outside Leeds Crown Court. Reporting on a grooming gang case. Consisting of 29 suspects and no mainstream media were present (SHOCK). He was arrested for simply being Tommy Robinson, no crime was committed. This is unacceptable!

Modern Day Freedom of Speech is Race Sided, minorities are empowered whilst others are neutered...

This systematic approach pose's an existential threat to British Culture as we know it!

Mitch William...


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