• Mitch William

Is Everything upside down?

The Guardian reported the UK could run out of food by August 2019. The UK only generates 60% of domestic food supply. Therefor, another lie peddled by the opinion brigade posing as journalists!

The UK would need to fill a void of 40%!

People need the truth! Not lies and scare stories. What happened to the imminent recession of 2016? ... Oh, wait... We must have blinked & missed it...

The UK economy is booming!

The Canadian conservative party just adopted a policy of closer relations between CANZUK nations. I'm sure Canada, Australia and New Zealand might fly over some food if we really needed it!

It's only scare tactics attempting to condition a remain win in a 2nd referendum!

The SNP are now saying the future of Scotland, is an independent member state of the EU!

"The EU would welcome us"

You can't be independent and be in the EU! More lies, lies, and lies! Why swap Westminster for Brussels? If the SNP like it so much, they can all migrate!

The only BREXIT is HARD BREXIT... or what was the point?

Mitch William...

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