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The Prime Minister will hold a new vote on her deal before March, 12th. Since her last failed attempt, not much has changed, if anything at all!

She is leading her policy to failure and the British Public to an uncertain future!

The good old Labour Party have changed their position, to be in full support of a 2nd vote. If their BREXIT deal isn't realised. Well, they're not the Government and they've just lost a sizeable number of MP's.

Plus, their deal means Customs Union and Single Market Membership, which are the bedrock institutions of the EU! Its not really leaving, its becoming a Colony!

MP's will vote against every proposal until its a vote on an extension and ultimately a vote on another referendum! #SpitefulTraitors

When the May deal fails, again! She's made it clear, she'll give parliament an opportunity to vote on an article 50 extension in order to avoid No Deal! Thus, showing the EU her hand!

Its looking more likely and the prospect of a 2nd referendum is now even more likely within that extension and the notion of a No Deal scenario is now down the toilet!

BREXIT could have been easy, the opportunities for success have always been there. Yet, the political elite and media want us to stay in!

Can the 17.4 million people defeat this treachery?

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