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Is BREXIT Being Squandered?

Jean Claude Junker wants to help Theresa May get her deal over the line with "Clarifications" but, under no circumstances doe's he mean "Re-Negotiation".

Meaning, he wants to point out the obvious in a twisted manner...

Its all about the word choice!

They'll deviate the words in order to deceive people. In reality, the words used and the overall meaning, is the opposite from what you are led to believe!

If the deal passes, the UK effectively becomes a colony of the EU for the foreseeable future and is £39 Billion out of pocket with no way out!

If the May deal fails, there could be an extension of Article 50, which could lead to a 2nd vote. Because, Westminster lacks the overall courage and leadership for a No Deal!

At the end of the day, Parliament are serving their own interests, the will of the people come's 2nd, if at all!

If there's No Deal, the UK has global opportunities, the USA, China, The Commonwealth, even the Trans-Pacific Partnership has sized us up for trade... Why are the media hiding the potential of BREXIT? Instead attempting to stifle us with doom and gloom!

Looking forward to Tuesday the 15th?

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