• Mitch William

Reverse Back-Stop!

We can forget the Back-Stop, Boris Johnson's cracked it!

Instead of Northern Ireland following EU rules and regulations, the Republic of Ireland should follow UK rules and regulations!

The Back-Stop requires consensus to end, therefor could trap Northern Ireland into EU regulations for the foreseeable future and threaten the integrity of the UK.

This proposal, is simply the reverse and the EU won't like it one bit, as it calls them out!

So, when they shoot it down, it'll be entirely hypocritical of them. Not sure the media will spin it that way though. But, we'll see!

If this is Johnson's plan, we will be no dealing at Halloween and he can blame the EU for total and utter hypocrisy.

The UK will be free to make new choices in the world and the EU will still be there, trying to figure itself out!

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