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  • Mitch William

Information War

The USA, UK and France are all confirming Chlorine Gas was used in the recent Syrian Chemical Attack.

And are now on a War Footing!

Confirmations built on belief rather than evidence!

In 2013 when Assad agreed to destroy the Syrian Chemical Weapon Stockpile, Syria did not actually possess Chlorine enabled weaponry.

The Rebel Group fighting to hold Duoma has admitted using Chlorine Gas in the past and possibly still has access to the Chemical Agent!

Proof will be impossible to obtain and solid evidence pointing a finger cannot be gathered effectively.

Confirmation Built on Belief is not Confirmation!

Only Evidence Provides Confirmation!

43% of Brits are against Strikes!

Russia is embedded in Syria and Iran, and is willing to stand its ground in the region.

Russia thinks the UK was instrumental in the set up of a "Staged Chemical Attack" linking it to the Skripal poisoning, accusing the UK of fabricating the attack in order to gain a greater unified front against Russia!

Any sustained military operation in Syria could provoke a huge scale response. Involving Iran, Hezbollah and Russia.

Which is probably the reason Germany, Italy and Canada are holding back until more credible information surfaces.

The West should focus on de-escalation rather than fast tracking to World War 3 over a belief that Syria bombed Syria with Chlorine.

Russian TV has urged people to stockpile food and water, that is how serious this situation actually is!

If NATO and Russia clash in Syria, the bubble of perceived safety that you live in, will pop quick time and the realities of the big bad world will come crashing into your life!

Mitch William...


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